An All-in-One Solution

DonorBox offers a flexible and easy-to-use fundraising and donations platform with a range of features and benefits to help non-profit organizations increase fundraising efforts and engage more effectively with donors. Non-profit organizations rely on donations and fundraising to carry out their mission and programs. Having a reliable fundraising and donations platform on their website is important for several reasons.

DonorBox Features

A reliable fundraising and donations platform allows donors to make contributions quickly and easily online. This is especially important in today’s digital age, where people expect to be able to make transactions online with the least amount of clicks. DonorBox creates a seamless way to accept online donations directly from your website with the following features:

Donation Forms: With DonorBox, you can create donation forms that can be added directly to your website, or create a hosted donation form. Both type of forms offer several option to create a great user experience such as:

  • Effortlessly copy & paste an easy-to-customize donation forms onto your site.
  • Let donors save their payment info and donate again with QuickDonate™.
  • Allow donors to cover transaction fees so you receive 100% of donations.
  • Enjoy support for 44+ currencies, 11 languages, and next-gen payment methods.
  • 1.75% DonorBox fee + fee charged by payment processor.

Donate Button: Add a donate button anywhere on your website, emails, and outreach posts – and take supporters to your donation portal with a single click. You can customize your donate button to fit your branding, and create a compelling call to action button. Benefits of a donate button include:

  • Effortlessly copy and paste donation buttons where you need them.
  • Send donors to your checkout page with a donation amount already preset.
  • Add a donation button to your Facebook page (a convenient donation link!)
  • Capture attention with beautifully branded donation buttons.
  • Accept a wide range of digital wallet payments through your donation button.
  • 1.75% DonorBox fee + fee charged by payment processor.

Fundraising Pages: Hosted for free and customizable to fit your brand. Create your own securely-enabled, Donorbox-hosted fundraising page to share your cause your way. Great for non-profits without a website. With a hosted fundraising page, you can:

  • Customize with your logo and branding, share meaningful content and imagery, and collect more donations with a powerful donation form pre-loaded on your hosted page.
  • Save time and energy with fundraising pages that are a breeze to customize.
  • Use a goal meter, and donor wall to showcase your fundraising progress.
  • Enjoy support for 44+ currencies, 11 languages, and next-gen payment methods.
  • Allow donors to cover transaction fees so you receive 100% of donations.
  • 1.75% DonorBox fee + fee charged by payment processor.

Text-to-Give: Donating from a mobile device has never been easier. Let your supports donate by sending a simple text message from their smartphone. With Text-to-Give:

  • Donors send a text with your campaign ID.
  • Donors receive a text message with the donation link to your campaign page.
  • Donors fill out the donation form to complete the donation.
  • To repeat a donation, donors simply send another text message.
  • Basic plan: $19/mo | Shortcode plan: $50/mo
  • Subject to a 1.75% DonorBox fee + fee charged by payment processor.

Creating a donations page on your website with these must have features will increase engagement and efficiency with your fundraising efforts. To checkout all the features DonorBox has to offer, visit their website and see how you can create a branded, seamless experience for your donors.

DonorBox Benefits

A robust and simplified donations platform can help your non-profit accomplish more in less time while focusing on your cause instead of software. DonorBox is an industry leader when it comes to benefits for your organization and your donors. Some key benefits include:

  • Easy to Use: DonorBox is easy to set up and use, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for donors to make online donations.
  • Customizable Donation Forms: Non-profits can create custom donation forms that match their branding and messaging, helping to create a more cohesive donor experience.
  • Recurring Donations: DonorBox allows donors to set up recurring donations, which can help non-profits establish a more predictable stream of revenue.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: DonorBox provides non-profits with comprehensive reporting tools that track donations and provide insights into donor behavior.
  • Integration with Other Tools: DonorBox can be integrated with other tools that non-profits use, such as CRM software, email marketing platforms, and social media.
  • Secure and Reliable: DonorBox uses industry-standard security protocols to protect donor information and ensure that donations are processed securely and reliably.
  • Multi-Currency Support: DonorBox supports donations in multiple currencies, which can help non-profits attract donors from around the world.
  • Responsive Customer Support: DonorBox offers responsive customer support, with a dedicated support team that can help non-profits resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

A reliable fundraising and donations platform can provide a range of benefits beyond simply facilitating online donations. From enhancing donor engagement and expanding reach to increasing transparency and streamlining reporting, DonorBox can help non-profits maximize their fundraising efforts and achieve their mission while keeping costs low with pay-as-you-process. They also offer Pro and Enterprise plans with monthly payments for larger organizations who need an end-to-end platform.

Disclaimer: at no additional cost to you, DonorBox may provide us compensation if you sign up for an account through our affiliate links. Rest assured, we have used DonorBox on several projects and is our first choice for our non-profit clients. Plus, there are no monthly fees or contracts required.